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This web service displays the list of patches in a VSTi sound bank (.fxb) or single program (.fxp) file
Select a sound bank/patch file to view:
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Notes: The service tries to interpret a VSTi patch file according to Steinberg VST PlugIn specification (SDK 2.3). Only files compliant with the specification are processed. In case the patch data in the file is stored as a single 'chunk', 'Proprietary data format' is displayed instead of patch name(s). The files contain only a four-character Id of the plugin they were created with, so it is not always possible to identify the VST instrument properly. Name and meaning of every single parameter is specific and proprietary to the creator of the instrument and is not encoded in a patch file. The figure in brackets after a patch name indicates the number of the parameters.

The service in its current state cannot handle too large (>200K) files due to server timeout. Sorry.

Any comments, ideas and suggestions are naturally welcome.